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Support your patients in making the dietary changes needed to optimise their health with these four insightful modules.


Nutrition modules

Our Nutrition modules contain a range of practical information to help you support your local healthcare community through nutritional advice. The series of 4 modules contains information on nutrition, the relationship between health and diet, dietary supplementation, and how to support your customers.

  • Watch the video series to learn about nutritional recommendations and the relationship between diet and health
  • Strengthen relationships with customers and improve health outcomes by learning how to provide nutritional advice

Module 1: About nutrients

Discover what nutrients are and why the nutritional requirements of individuals may vary from each other

Health and Diet

Module 2: Balanced diet

Examine the importance of regularly eating a balanced diet

Dietari Supplementation

Module 3: Supplementation

Explore the benefits of
nutritional supplementation

Supporting your customers

Module 4: Nutrition in practice

Learn how to apply the knowledge you have gained to everyday interactions
with patients


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