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Confident connections

Learn to create powerful partnerships that help to expand your role within the local healthcare economy in this four-part series

confident connections

The Confident Connections toolkit

Access information and resources to add value to your pharmacy and assist you in working toward targets set by the NHS. Aimed at community pharmacists, these modules aim to improve interactions with colleagues in your Primary Care Network (PCN) and help you create an environment for success. 

  • Watch a range of videos to learn more 
  • Learn best practices to apply to your working relationships 
  • Develop your skills in engaging local stakeholders
Confident Connections 1

Module 1: Defining Why

Address the challenging, but thought-provoking question: “Why does change happen?”
Featuring the work of Simon Sinek and his book, Start With Why, this module explores how the world’s most successful companies have risen to the top because they realise that people don’t buy what the company does, they buy WHY the company does it.

14 mins

Confident Connections 2

Module 2: Points of view

Discover how to use your emotional intelligence to enhance your interactions and create powerful connections.
Featuring the work of Stuart Diamond, author of Getting More, this module shows us how to use our emotional intelligence to understand other people’s point of view and so achieve a result that works for all.

11 mins

Confident Connections 3

Module 3: Partnerships

Learn to build new partnerships around ideas and create shared agendas that lay the foundations for long-term joint working.
This module begins with a simple tool to pin-point the joint venture priority, then builds on the Five Conversations outlined in John O’Brien and Andrew Cave’s book The Power of Purpose.

13 mins

Confident Connections 4

Module 4: Maintaining progress

Explore how momentum can be maintained, problems avoided and solid progress assured in any joint venture project.
This module describes and segments the many stakeholders involved in keeping projects moving forward and explains how to keep everyone clear about who is doing what.

13 mins

PP-TPP-GBR-0478. November 2020