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Right Route Right Care

Help patients access healthcare advice sooner and to reduce the strain on Accident and Emergency services.

Developed by Pfizer Healthy Partnerships, this campaign reassures patients that pharmacists are there to offer healthcare advice and helps them locate their nearest pharmacy.

This supports Public Health England’s winter campaign,
Help Us Help You designed to help patients access appropriate NHS services.


Help reduce the burden on A&E

‘Right Route: Right Care’ is a patient-facing campaign, designed to reduce the burden on A&E by helping the public to make the most effective use of their local NHS services. The campaign uses a traffic light system to raise awareness of the expertise available through community pharmacy and may help you to engage patients in pharmacy services, such as the New Medicine Service (NMS), Medicines Use Reviews (MURs) and Health Checks.

  • Encourage patients to seek advice from your pharmacy and engage patients in pharmacy services
  • Access a range of patient-facing resources, including posters and leaflets
  • Improve the speed in which patients are able to receive healthcare advice
  • Summer RRC

    Summer RRRC Poster

    English-Welsh Summer RRRC Leaflet

    Summer RRRC English/Welsh Leaflet Change (25 in each packet ordered)

    RRC Leaflet

    Summer Right Route Right Care Leaflet (packs of 25 leaflets)

    Summer Right Route Right Care DL leaflet

    Summer RRRC English Leaflet (25 in each packet ordered)

  • Right Route Right Care A4 Poster

    Winter RRRC English Poster A4 size

    Winter Right Route Right Care A3

    Winter RRRC English Poster A3 size

    Winter Right Route Right Care DL leaflet

    Winter RRRC English leaflet (25 in each pack ordered)

Materials are available for printing and downloading for registered users


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PP-PHP-GBR-0766. September 2019.