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New Medicine Service (NMS)

Get access to free NMS Resources to support you and your business to deliver NMS' to patients with long term conditions who have been newly prescribed medicines

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The introduction of the new medicine service, in October 2011, has significantly increased the proportion of patients adhering to their new medicines; about 10% compared to normal practice(1)

  • However, this opportunity is still not being fully utilised in community pharmacies where there is an opportunity to earn between £20 and £28 for each completed NMS (1)
  • Currently, a standard English Pharmacy only claims around 17% of the potential NMS' that it could, resulting in a median £8,340 worth of revenue missed per year by each pharmacy(1,2)
1. PSNC (n.d.). NMS Statistics. [Online]. Available Via: Last Accessed 2nd September 2020
2. Stanway, Ghannam and Murphy (2017). Analysing Uptake of New Medicine Service in English Community Pharmacies. Available Via: Last Accessed 2nd September 2020.


Use our free NMS resources to help you get the most out of the New Medicine Service in your pharmacy today!

  • Patient Posters to advertise this service to your patients.
  • Specific consultation guides to help you deliver and communicate the best service to your patients

NMS Patient Posters

  • Advertise this great service using the posters below, bespoke to key disease areas.
  • We understand it is important patient awareness of the New Medicine Service starts at the point of prescription. That's why we also provide window posters to be shared with and displayed in your local GP Practices.
  • All registered customers can download these resources.

NMS Poster - Asthma


NMS Poster - Anticoagulation


NMS Poster - Diabetes


NMS Poster - High Blood Pressure

Patient Awareness_Poster

NMS Poster - Raising Awareness


NMS Poster - GP 1


NMS Poster - GP 2

NMS and Medicine specific consultation guides

These consultation guides aim to help you to deliver better services to patients with newly prescribed medicines.

  • They provide a refresher on good communication tips to make your consultation more effective for both you and your patients.
  • Our medicine specific guides are designed for you as a pharmacist to use in NMS consultations and
    provide a guide to basic health literacy techniques aiming to provide confidence to the patient.
  • They suggest open questions for you to try out, that provide confidence to patients to ask questions about their medicine, and take a more active role in their health.

New Medicines Consultations Advice


New Patient Consultation guide for Hypertension


New Patient Consultation guide for Hypertension


New Patient Consultation Guide for Cardiovascular Disease

Materials are available for printing and downloading for registered users


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  • Training and Development

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