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Commercial Deal

Due to current supply chain constraints in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, and to ensure we fulfil existing commitments to all customers, we’ve decided not to accept any new commercial deal requests until further notice. In the meantime you’ll still be able to apply, we’ll record your interest and be in touch as soon as possible to progress your application. We’re really sorry for this inconvenience and assure you we’re working hard to secure additional supply in the next few weeks. Thank you for your interest and patience.

Should you be an existing deal holder who wishes to get more information in relation to your deal, please continue to request a call back below.

commercial deal

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By signing up, you gain access to our flexible, no-obligation Commercial Deal that works alongside you to meet your daily business needs.



Gain access to a broad supply of quality medicines at stable,
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Offer your patients the familiarity of the same pill, same pack, same
conversation to build patient confidence and encourage



Make the most of your deal by monitoring it on your own
personalised performance dashboard

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Personalised performance dashboard

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PP-TPP-GBR-0078.May 2020.